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Purposeful Goal Setting

Purposeful Goal Setting

An extremely important part of living with purpose and striving for balance in life is successfully setting and achieving goals.  Getting from where you are now to where you aspire to be in the future requires mastering this skill.  Much has been written and said about setting goals.  One of my favorites is the SMART formula, which states that goals must be:

  • Specific: have a clear focus and define precisely what you hope to achieve.
  • Measurable:  should chart progress along the way.  How will you know you have reached your goal?
  • Attainable: should be broken into smaller bite size tasks so they aren’t unwieldy.
  • Realistic: should push you to new levels but not be unrealistic or unattainable.
  • Time Bound:  should have definite end points or milestones.

The most important aspect of goal setting is aligning your goals with your fundamental purpose.  In other words, your goals should be authentic and reflect your highest priorities.  You won’t achieve your goals if they don’t embody your core identity in some way.  Setting goals asligned with your purpose will insure that you will have the intrinsic motivation and drive to push you forward and enable you to eventually achieve your goals.

Your goal must answer the “why” about why you are pursuing them in the first place.  If you aren’t clear or are unsure-you will never reach your destination.  If you set goals in harmony with your core purpose you will have built-in motivation and drive to reach them successfully.